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General Liability (or Public Liability)


General Liability protects the Insured for their legal liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties as a result of their business activities.

Environmental Liability


Environmental Liability protects the Insured for legal liability resulting from the Insureds business as a result of sudden, accidental or gradual pollution which causes environmental damage.  Cover can also protect the Insured for risks arising from previous or current operations for which they may incur liability. Coverage can include clean-up costs, bodily injury and property damage arising from pollution.

Weather & Agriculture (Crop)


These coverages protect the Insured for financial loss against their anticipated crop yield arising from fluctuations and changes to the weather conditions; which may include rainfall levels, temperature, wind, humidity and other factors such as disease, which may have a consequential result on yield. The Insured (Client) could be a farmer, farm supplier, food processor or another related agriculture business.

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